Become A Panelist at the August 2023 Profitable Tech VA Summit

Be a part of an event that will build your brand awareness, grow your email list, and connect you with fellow amazing entrepreneurs in the online space, all while providing amazing value to the summit attendees and helping them grow a profitable Tech VA business.


The Profitable Tech VA Summit

This summit is built for tech VAs looking to grow their income, impact, and influence.

This event is different because it features 4 different tracks for attendees:

Planning Your Business - Think goal planning, setting prices and packages, and even branding.

Building Your Business - Think creating a website, setting up systems and processes, and even client experience.

Launching Your Business - Think email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and of course how to get clients.

Scaling Your Business - Think starting an agency, hiring their first team member, digital products, funnels and more.

I created this free event to help empower fellow female entrepreneurs in creating a life and business that they love!


Being A Panelist

Build Brand Awareness

One of the main benefits of speaking at the event is building brand awareness. By sharing your expertise to the audience, you are positioning yourself as an expert. You are building brand awareness and recognition to a primarily new audience, that is what is so great about all of us coming together in a single event!

Make Money

As a panelist, you have the opportunity to sign up to be an affiliate. That means that for every sale you make through your affiliate link you will make some moolah! Panelists receive 40% from all purchases made through their link. BUT if you provided a digital product for the Business Accelerator Pass Bundle, then as a thank you, you will earn 50% from your link.

Network with Speakers

My favorite part of hosting summits is the connections I make. I get the opportunity to meet and talk with each of you and I want you to have that opportunity as well! That is why we'll have a Speaker-Only Facebook group, so you can make connections with your fellow speakers and panelists before the event even begins!

Complimentary VIP Ticket

As a panelist, you will get a free VIP ticket as a special thank you. That means you will receive the Business Booster Pass that has unlimited replays, 6 months access to a private podcast, and detailed notes. IF you contribute a digital product, then you will also receive free access to the Business Accelerator Pass.

And in full transparency, what’s in it for me is: new subscribers, Business Booster/Accelerator Pass sales, and the opportunity to put on a really fun, impactful event that supports my audience.

Apply to Be a Panelist Today!


How It Works

The summit is going to last for 5 days: 4 days of presentations and 1 day of bonus sessions. Each day 6-8 pre-recorded presentations will drop, with a handful from each pillar. Along with ONE live panel each day.

Each panel will last about an hour and will dive into one of the summit pillars in more details. These are where great conversations are had.

While the event itself will be free, there will be an option for attendees to upgrade their ticket to either the Business Booster Pass or Business Accelerator Pass (this is where you have the opportunity to earn commission!)


Your Host

Lindsey Aleson Headshot

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

I am so stoked to be the host of the 3rd Annual Profitable Tech VA Summit. I usually run a joint summit with my biz bestie and biz partner, Jenny, but I also love hosting solo summits. And I am thrilled to have you along for the ride.

I built my first computer at just 11 years old (it was a birthday present from my grandpa). Soon after, I taught myself to code and quickly created my very own drag-and-drop doll website. Do you remember those? Yeah, well I was the only 11 year old I knew with her own website.

As I went through school, my interest fizzled a little because it didn’t seem like the online thing would turn into a career. (Oh how wrong was I?!?)

But then in 2010, I rediscovered blogging. And ever since then I have been involved in the online space! And throughout this time, I have been through a lot of ups and downs and a lot of comparison syndrome. I mean it is so easy to compare yourself and your business to everyone else’s highlight reels.

But things started to change once I decided to take matters into my own hands, do tactics that felt right to me and define success on my own terms. And that is why I created this event.

I want to teach fellow female entrepreneurs how to create a successful Tech VA business and inspire them to define success on their own terms.

So thank you so much for joining me, and let’s make this one UNFORGETTABLE event!

Apply to Be a Panelist Today!


Panelist Requirements

OPTIONAL: Providing a paid resource to the Business Accelerator Pass bundle that would be highly useful and relevant to tech VAs looking to grow their business. This must be a DIGITAL PRODUCT, such as an ebook, course, 3+ months in a membership, digital templates, etc. This will help make the Business Accelerator Pass an irresistible offer as well as provide an extra opportunity for you to collect email addresses. (P.S. This will also increase your commission to 50% for all purchases made through your link.)

Promotion is REQUIRED for all panelists in this event. The success of the event is truly a group effort. During the promotion period of August 7th - 20th, you will be required to send at least 1 dedicated/solo email to your full email list promoting the event, and post on social media at least once where your largest/most engaged audience hangs out. (Don’t worry, you will receive a bunch of promotional materials from graphics to swipe copy!)

Event exclusivity is REQUIRED. I am on a mission to host a top-notch, stand out of the crowd event this year. There are so many virtual events (virtual summits, bundles, retreats, etc.) happening these days that it is easy to get lost in all the noise. So I am looking for a real commitment and engagement from speakers and panelists to help us all achieve this goal. The better the event does as a whole, the larger the audience you will be introduced to and the more commission you have the ability to make! So I ask that you don’t promote any other virtual event or have a major launch of your own for the 2 weeks leading up to event (August 7th - 20th) as well as agreeing to not promote or launch a product that will compete with my Tech VA Academy the week of the summit or week after the summit (August 21st - August 27th). Don’t worry, your cookie will remain intact and you will earn 30% commission if someone enrolls that came from your summit promotion!

If you are unable to commit to these requirements, please do not apply to speak.



An event like this has so many moving pieces. That is why communication and meeting deadlines are KEY. So here are all the important dates to consider before applying to be a speaker at this event.

Friday, June 16th at 5 pm PST

Panelist Applications Close

Friday, June 16th at 5 pm PST

Friday, June 23rd

Chosen panelists will be contacted

Friday, June 23rd

Monday, July 10th

Promotional materials provided to panelists

Monday, July 10th

Monday, August 7th

Panelist promotion begins

Monday, August 7th

Monday, August 21st - 25th

Profitable Tech VA Summit is LIVE

Monday, August 21st - 25th

Apply to Be a Panelist Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The summit itself is absolutely free. Attendees can sign up for their free ticket and watch the presentations as they are released each day. Each presentation will be available for attendees to watch for free for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, the only way to access the presentation is to upgrade to one of the VIP options.

For this summit, we have two paid offerings: the Business Booster Pass and the Business Accelerator Pass.

The Business Booster Pass will grant attendees lifetime access to all the presentations from the event. It will also include a private podcast as well as detailed notes.

The Business Accelerator Pass will include everything in the Business Booster Pass PLUS access to live hot seats, a live value ladder training provided by me, live panel sessions, PLUS a bonus a digital product bundle. The digital product bundle will include all the digital products provided by the amazing speakers.

There are several opportunities and tiers to upgrade.

Tripwire - Available for 15 minutes after signing up for the free ticket

  • Business Booster Pass: $47
  • Business Accelerator Pass: $77

Early Bird Pricing - Available before the summit starts

  • Business Booster Pass: $67
  • Business Accelerator Pass: $97

Regular Pricing - Available once the summit starts

  • Business Booster Pass: $97
  • Business Accelerator Pass: $127

No, just because someone signs up for the summit doesn’t mean they have consented to be emailed by all the speakers and panelists.

The minimum promotion efforts are sending out 1 email and posting 1 time on social media. But ideally you’ll promote as much as possible! The success of the event is a collective effort. We are going to do all we can to personally promote on our own channels as well as run Facebook ads, but each speaker needs to do their part as well!

Think about it this way. If only some speakers promote and others don’t, it really isn’t fair for the group. But if everyone promotes then our reach expands exponentially. Remember this is a group effort and when you promote the summit, you are supporting every speaker in the summit. #communityovercompetition

Promotion for the event is Monday, August 7th through Sunday, August 20th.

Promotional materials will be available by July 10th so you will have plenty of time to work ahead and get things scheduled if you would like.

Possibly! You have the opportunity to earn affiliate commission from each sale made through your affiliate link.

You will earn 40% commission on all Business Booster Pass and Business Accelerator Pass sales made through your affiliate link.

BUT if you contributed a digital product to the Business Accelerator Pass Bundle, then you will earn an additional 10% commission, making your commission 50% on all sales made through your link.

Since you are promoting the event anyways, might as well use your affiliate link and have the potential to earn extra income!

Yes! My favorite part of hosting summits is the connections I make. I get the opportunity to meet and talk with each of you and I want you to have that opportunity as well! That is why I have created a Speaker-Only Facebook group.

This will also be a great place to get updates on the event!

No worries! Please reach out to me directly at


Apply to Speak

Still interested? Awesome! I cannot wait to read your application and topic pitch!

It is incredibly important to me that I have a diverse lineup. This is an inclusive space for everyone - BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ included!

You will need to sign into AirTable to send the application (don’t worry it’s free if you don’t have an account). This is to ensure you receive a copy of your application via email. This confirms we have received it.

Speaker Application Deadline: Friday, May 26th at 5 pm PST.

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