$3000 worth of trainings and resources to teach you different tactics to create, launch and scale your business so you walk away with a game plan to take the world by storm!

28 Masterclasses + 22 Digital Courses = 1 Incredible Deal


Is Easier Than You Might Think

One of the biggest mistakes I see in the online space is trying to do it all.

The trouble is, there are stages to building a business. You need to walk before you can run.

Here at The Profitable Tech VA Summit, we believe the secret to creating a successful and profitable business is by focusing on YOUR stage of business and no one elses.

That is why this event is broken down into four different tracks.

Planning Stage

This is the beginning of your journey! During this stage, you need to focus on your mindset, determine your branding, and figure out your packages and pricing.

Building Stage

You have the building blocks of a business, but now is the time to lay down the foundation. This is where you will work on your website, streamline your systems and processes, and work on your client experience.

Launching Stage

This is a season of GROWTH! You have the basics down and now you are ready to grow your business. The launch stage is focused on marketing and getting more people to know, like, and trust you, so they become clients.

Scaling Stage

This is for the seasoned pro who is looking to really scale their business. This is an exciting place to be. You have a solid, profitable business, but you want to expand.


$3,000+ worth of trainings and content to help you take your business to the next level this year!


This is for you if...


Expert Speakers


Designed Headshot Mariel Alvarado

Mariel Alvarado

3 Secrets To Thriving as VISIBLE Divine Feminine Leader and Getting Booked (without hounding people on DM’s)

Mala Kennedy Headshot

Mala Kennedy

Claim Your Confidence

Ericka Slaton Headshot

Ericka Slaton

How to Brand Your VA Business for Success

Christie Love Etter Headshot

Christie Love Etter

How to Build a Standout Brand, Even While on a Budget!

Designed Headshot_ Belinda Rosenblum

Belinda Rosenblum

The Top 5 Pricing Myths Even Smart Entrepreneurs Believe That Keep them Undercharging and Overworking (And What You Can Do Instead!)

Designed Headshot_ Yasmine Khater

Yasmine Khater

3 Pricing Mistakes That's Costing You 1000's of Dollars

Jamie Palmer

Productize for Profit - How to Streamline Your Service Based Business


Erin Perkins Headshot

Erin Perkins

Website Accessibility & Your Role as a Service Provider

Tara Reid Headshot

Tara Reid

How to Build and Optimize a Client Generating Machine Website

Polly Sla Headshot

Polly Sla

The 3 Pillars of a Winning Website

Lindsey Johnson Headshot

Lindsey Johnson

How to Write Killer Copy for your Tech VA Brand (Even If You Aren't A Copywriter)

Krista Walsh Headshot

Krista Walsh

About Page Writing: How to Write Your About Page to Connect Emotionally with Readers

Robin Carberry Headshot

Robin Carberry

The Permission + Priority Blueprint - Your Key to Getting Top Quality Clients by Avoiding the Client Traps that Can Sink Any Business (Even if You're an Expert)!

Sandra Julian

Business Systems Are the Cornerstone of A Scalable Business

Designed Headshot_ Nicola Peters

Nicola Peters

How to Use Dubsado and ClickUp as the Power Duo


Michelle Lewis Headshot

Michelle Lewis

Visibility Vehicles + 90-day Sprints

Kara Cahill Headshot

Kara Cahill

How to Create Your Instagram Marketing Machine and Turn Followers into Buyers

Bethany Hawkins Headshot

Bethany Hawkins

How a Podcast Can Launch Your Service Provider Business

Designed Headshot_ Jackie Rodriguez

Jackie Rodriguez

Your Simple Email Strategy: Sleaze-Free, No-Fluff Emails that Build Trust & Get Clients

Eman Ismail Headshot

Eman Ismail

Turn Fans into Superfans with Impactful Emails

Jordan Aspen Headshot

Jordan Aspen

Social Proof: The Forgotten Key to Getting Hired


Yael Bendahan Headshot

Yael Bendahan

How To Create A Quick Cash Injection For Your Business

Designed Headshot_ Jamie Van Cuyk

Jamie Van Cuyk

Help is Not a Four Letter Word - Why You Need to Hire a Team to Scale Your Business

Stephanie Blake Headshot

Stephanie Blake

How To Scale Your Service-Based Business With An Agency Model (Without Burning Out)

Sarah Masci Headshot

Sarah Masci

Day Rates for Creative Solopreneurs

Melody Johnson Headshot

Melody Johnson

How to Pivot Your Services into a Profitable Online Course

Jessi Byers Headshot

Jessi Beyer

How To Use A Self-Published Book to 10X Your Business

Lindsey Aleson Headshot

Lindsey Aleson

How to Create A Lead Launchpad to Grow A List of Buyers


$3,000+ worth of trainings and content to help you take your business to the next level this year!


The Digital Product Bundle

Testimonials on Autopilot WorkshopFrom Jordan Aspen

How to set up an automation that makes it easy for past clients to give you video testimonials so that you can use social proof to land future jobs.

VALUE: $250

Winning with Instagram StoriesFrom Cat Griffin

Including 365 fully customisable Instagram story templates and a deep dive course into how to engage and sell to your audience using Instagram stories this is everything you need to leverage your Instagram account to sell to your audience through stories.

VALUE: $197

Debt Decluttered Mockup

Debt Decluttered From Jolene Stahn

Debt Decluttered — the course, if you are ready to declutter your debt for good then this is the course for you! The course is all about debt so gaining clarity surrounding your debt, how much you have and where, making a strategic plan to pay it off, developing a good money mindset despite the vast amount of debt you may be dealing with (so like not letting it stress you out - that’s the last thing we want!)! And all in alignment with your lifestyle!

VALUE: $197

Turn Your Website into a Client Generating Machine Masterclass and Workbook Mockup

Turn Your Website into a Client Generating Machine Masterclass and WorkbookFrom Tara Reid

This 1-hour training and 20-page workbook is designed for service providers, virtual assistants, coaches, and freelancers, who want to get more clients finding them organically using their website.

VALUE: $97

Visibility Lounge Mockup

1 Month to The Visibility Lounge programFrom Michelle Lewis

The Visibility Lounge is a private membership with weekly calls and an exclusive community. You will get access to the Celebrity CEO Method, Star Mapping System, Visibility Vehicle Trainings w/Guest Experts {like Podcast Hosting, Instagram, Online Summits + YouTube!}, and even a TEDx Intensive!

VALUE: $97

Podcast Launch Toolkit Mockup

Podcast Launch ToolkitFrom Jenny Suneson

A program designed to help you go from brilliant idea to launch in just 60 days.

This course is for you if...

  • You’ve already got a solid idea for a podcast and just need to know the steps it takes to launch with a bang
  • You want to launch your show and NOT hear crickets
  • You don't know what you need to be a successful podcaster but you're more than willing to learn

VALUE: $97

30 Days Morning Success JournalFrom Mala Kennedy

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? How you start your day is key to setting you up for success. It will influence how your day unfolds. Are you starting your day with scrolling and taking in the outside noise or are you creating from your inner power? The Morning Success Journal is here to set you up for a creative and abundant day where you feel confident and smash your goals. That is tapping into your most magnetic self. That is creating success on your terms.

VALUE: $97

CEO Digital Design KitFrom Nicola Peters

Brand your Dubsado setup with this Canva plug and play template kit! Full templates to brand out your Client Portal, client forms and create a custom email signature.

VALUE: $79

How To Create & Manage a Daily To-Do List Mockup

How To Create & Manage a Daily To-Do ListFrom Jodi Graham

If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by your daily to-do list and wish you just knew how to get through everything, or if you're sick of wasting so much time and those to-do’s just keep sitting there on your list (still undone!) then How To Create & Manage a Daily To-Do List is definitely for you.

This e-course gives you exactly what you need to get through that list each and every day, so you can move on to your next big ideas. You'll quickly and easily discover exactly what you need to do in order to stick to that list and scratch off every single item off each day!

AND it's gonna get you back TWO hours every single day (by taking just 5 minutes to put together a proper to-do list)!

VALUE: $49

High Ticket, Low Hassle Mockup

High Ticket, Low HassleFrom Yael Bendahan

BUILD YOUR HIGH-VALUE, HIGH-TICKET, AND HIGH-VIBE OFFER Walk away with an irresistible high ticket offer AND know who to sell it to!

VALUE: $47

Digital Product Toolkit (LITE) Mockup

Digital Product Toolkit (LITE)From Melody Johnson

Plan out your next profitable digital template launch in under a month with these fast action templates.

VALUE: $47

Preparing for a Successful Hire: Five Steps to Take Before Hiring a Team MemberFrom Jamie Van Cuyk

Whether you’re preparing to add your first team member or adding a new position to your growing team, hiring is a big step.

It takes proper planning to determine which position to add to your company. This guide will walk you through the planning process you should use each time you’re ready to add a new employee or contractor position to your team.

Throughout the workbook, you will learn how to create a position that fills the most gaps for your business, leads to the best ROI, and has the most beneficial impact on your company.

Adding team members is one of the best things you can do for your business! You just have to make sure you add the right ones and in the proper order.

Get ready to dive in and prepare for a successful hire!

VALUE: $47

5-Part Welcome Email Series (Done Fast & Easy!) Mockup

5-Part Welcome Email Series (Done Fast & Easy!)From Marilyn Gil

This is your simple roadmap to creating a 5-Part Welcome Email Series FAST & EASY! I’ll show you how to repurpose content you already have to create your welcome email series in a flash. And, I even created a summary birds-eye view of the entire plan on 1 single page because I know you’re busy!

VALUE: $47

Productize For Profit Mini CourseFrom Jamie Palmer

Productize to Profit is a blueprint for services providers and coaches that want to simplify their offers & maximize their profitability in a weekend. Say goodbye to giving away your ideas for free and end the cycle of proposal writing once and for all.

VALUE: $37

Sales Copy Shortcut Mockup

Sales Copy ShortcutFrom Lindsey Johnson

The plug-and-play copy system that helps you maximize the copywriting process, write for your ideal client, and get a KILLER sales page written without the headache or procrastination.

VALUE: $37

Get Smart With Your Business MoneyFrom Belinda Rosenblum

Escape the frustrating and confusing "can I afford it loop", scrambling for taxes, or guessing what to pay yourself every month. And instead...

Learn the 3 things you MUST HAVE set up in your business to DOUBLE your personal paycheck WITHOUT doubling your work.

This 3-hour workshop is for online business owners ready to turn their money stress into real skills. You will:

​Demystify your business money ​so you stop making decisions based on your bank balance and instead make more informed clear decisions based on the real numbers in your business.

Discover how to manage your emotions and tackle your fears around looking at and managing your business money. (Spoiler: You’ll LOVE the freedom and security on the other side of your fears and shame.)

Know how much you need to make and how to allocate your business money so YOU get paid and you have money set aside for taxes, profit, and business expenses. (Think a quickstart “Profit First” method!)

You deserve to get paid well… and it all starts here.

VALUE: $37

Confident Pricing FormulaFrom Yasmine Khater

CONFUSED, UNCONFIDENT, UNSURE AROUND HOW TO PRICE YOUR SERVICES? What if you could Confidently Price Your Services in just 90 mins?

STOP undercharging for your services. Your work is invaluable. The Confident Pricing Formula includes everything you need to become more profitable.

VALUE: $37

Lead Launchpad ToolkitFrom Lindsey Aleson

Create your own lead launchpad to build a list of buyers not freebie seekers today! This toolkit includes a lead launchpad planning workbook, a break down of what makes an irresistible offer, a launch timline with checlklist and conversion calculator, and a handful of bonuses to save you time!

VALUE: $37

Onboard Like A Boss Mockup

Onboard Like A BossFrom Robin Carberry

Onboard Like A Boss™ is the simple, no-brainer onboarding system with customizable templates you can use over and over again to get you paid fast and get you to work quickly and easily.

VALUE: $27

Publish With Ease_ How To Write and Self-Publish Your Book for Less Than $500 Mockup

Publish With Ease: How To Write and Self-Publish Your Book for Less Than $500From Jessi Beyer

Self-publishing doesn't have to be expensive! Before taking Publish With Ease, people have spent anywhere from $1,000 to even $10,000 or more self-publishing their book. No more - this guide will teach you how to write, self-publish, and launch your book without spending more than $500.

VALUE: $27

Manifesting in Business Calendar Mockup

Manifesting in Business Calendar From Mariel Alvarado

A 30 day EMBODIMENT manifestation. Calendar. Oftentimes I’m asked…what should I do during the “wait time” between asking and receiving?

This calendar gives you daily actions to take to create manifesting momentum that culminates in you getting what you want!

VALUE: $27

The Ultimate Blogger's Guide to Branding Like a B.O.S.S. Mockup

The Ultimate Blogger's Guide to Branding Like a B.O.S.S.From Christie Love Etter

This is the Ultimate Branding Startup kit! Includes 3 Sections – 1) The Basic Elements of a Brand, 2) Creating Your Brand Personality, and 3) What 3 Mistakes to Avoid!

It also includes 2 Fully Editable Brand Boards made in Canva - (size 8.5 x 11), 8 Color Palettes for Inspiration, & 30 Google Font Pairings! You’ll have everything you need to get started!

VALUE: $27


$3,000+ worth of trainings and content to help you take your business to the next level this year!
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What You Get...

TOTAL VALUE: $3,500+Today's Price: $97

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